Drink Local Coffee On Tap

Drink Local Coffee On Tap

We love serving roasts made right here in the community

We keep our list of vendors updated constantly to make sure that there’s always something new to try at Empire Coffee.
We understand that you can get tired of the same old blend, and coffee should never make you tired.

There’s never a shortage of interesting roasts at Empire Coffee. Next time you come in, try a cup of coffee from:

  • Alakef Coffee in Minnesota
  • Backroads Coffee in Wisconsin

Check back next week to see an updated list of coffee suppliers.
We change roasts weekly!

Support the suppliers around you

Consuming caffeine always stimulates you, but drinking local coffee stimulates your local economy, too. Treat yourself and your community when you order a local roast from Empire Coffee.

We keep our available coffee rotating every week so we can offer more variety. Maybe you'll find something you love on tap today. Come in now to try this week's selections before they're gone.